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Initial Project Proposal: Telling Stories


Updated Project Proposal: Telling Stories

Project Evaluation   

Looking back, I feel I may have been a little over ambitious with this project. I underestimated how difficult it is to try and cover the complicated action of representation into a relatively short project. My own idealism led me to never accept the pieces and subjects I was looking at, they always felt either too fake/not genuine enough, or too condescending over simplistic to the subject matter. Work that focused on others felt vouyeristic and exhibitionist, work that focused on my self ended up being narcissistic and a bit ‘working class hero-y’ which felt very uncomfortable (especially as I’m not even particularly working class, I felt It was appropriative/ victimising). I’ve found it challenging and de-motivating at times; regularly coming to the conclusion that art is not possible of doing what I want it too, and no piece is good enough. However, In retrospect, I should have accepted the flaws in my pieces - some outcomes that I abandoned half way through, particularly the film pieces, could have been successful had I not been so perfectionist about their meaning and purpose. I’ve also learnt nihilism, pragmatism and art don’t go together very well. Having to firm uni choices and think about the future was a bit disruptive to this project, but I feel I’ve actually learnt a lot about what I value and therefore am happy pursuing into higher ed, because of this project. In the last week of this project I learnt a lot about presentation, which was a little ironic, considering the whole project was about representation. Over foundation I have found putting my work up, installing it and spending time on the presentation of my work difficult. I disliked preparing a canvas, or fixing a piece to the wall properly; Mainly because I thought it was a waste of time, and felt a bit like I was showing off, or that there was arrogance in putting all this effort into my own work, assuming it had any value. In the last project I invested time in the presentation of my final pieces, with nice quality prints and poster tacks with brass nails. I spent time measuring and balancing where they would sit on the wall, and think they looked really good in the end. These relatively simple things really made my work more effective. Learning to get over my qwarms with art and becoming more accepting about the work I make has been a notable difference at the end of this course. I now realise that with this project I realise I kinda ran before I could walk. I struggled to represent my pieces and put effort into what I was making, so it’s no wonder it was almost impossible to communicate the issues with arts representation. I think I over complicated and over thought much of my works. Having finished my project I feel I understand the value of keeping things simple, and that not everything has to be particularly deep, and that if works do have an intense and morally sound concept behind them, is this is often wasted or lost on the audience. I have learnt that often, doing is a better process than thinking in art, and that it’s very easy to overcomplicate. I think pretty much all art involves an aspect of a self-centred perspective on the part of the artists, and until I can get over that fact my work will be especially self-conscious and ironically self-centred. Representation and communication are some of the most important aspects of art, and I have learnt above all, that the key to both of these is simplicity.



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